A quantum of science

In physics we do things and afterwards worry about whether they worked

Andrei Geim Nobel lecture

I thought I would point out the excellent Nobel lecture by Andrei Geim which I found myself listening to while taking a break from something much less fascinating that I was doing this afternoon. It hardly needs mentioning that this is an example of how physics (and in fact all of science – I have fallen into the habit of talking about physics specifically when I mean science in general) can be done successfully. I haven’t listened to Novoselov’s lecture yet but I should imagine it is as worthy of my and your time as Geim’s.

While on the subject of video lectures, I would also like to recommend, as many on the blogosphere have done, Edward Witten’s lecture on knots. It’s a fascinating subject discussed by a fascinating physicist, and I like it to the extent that I have now begun reading about it. I have found it hard to locate the original link so I will refer you to the article on The Reference Frame (which is worth reading by the way) because there is an embedded video and a download link there.

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