A quantum of science

In physics we do things and afterwards worry about whether they worked

Quantum Optics and Quantum information at UCSB

As some of you might have realized from my earlier posts, I’ve been getting very excited about quantum information, quantum foundations and related fields.

The thing is, these are very new, albeit incredibly vibrant research fields and there is no tried and tested route into the subject in the way there is for some of the more traditional disciplines. I have therefore been spending quite a bit of time surfing the net to find the right resources and I thought I’d post some of the more interesting ones here. This is the first post in an informal series, if you like.

So today’s link is Dirk Bouwmeester Quantum Optics and Quantum information group and UCSB. The leader of the group, Dirk Bouwmeester was involved in the first experimental demonstrations of quantum teleportation, quantum cloning, 3-particle entanglement and stimulated emission on entangled photons. The group’s research is in four main areas:

  • entangled photons
  • quantum dots and microtubules and DNA
  • quantum dots and microcavities
  • macroscopic quantum superposition

For someone like me, a newbie to the field, it makes great reading!

As soon as I can I will write something about the details of this work.

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